January 19, 2021
Red window on orange mobile home

Things to Look For When Inspecting Mobile Homes

Why do you need a mobile home inspection anyway? If you’re considering buying a mobile home, then an initial home inspection is indispensable. It will help you make the right decisions and ensure the deal goes smoothly without falling apart or problems arising after the fact. Certainly, buyers will enjoy more benefits, but sellers can benefit as well. According to recent statistics, nearly 9 percent of the United States population (22 million) lives in mobile homes.

Home inspection starts with you! Remember that buying a home is a tedious process at times. Because these homes are very different than site-built homes, you need to be alert. They come with their own risks including their vulnerability to damage. Here are the tips on what to look out for when inspecting a mobile home.

Water disbursement and drainage

Water disbursement is one of the biggest problems of any home. Water drainage needs to be superb to ensure zero damage to the foundation. You want the water in the vicinity of the house to flow away from and not towards the house. With a visual inspection, it’s pretty easy to spot external water damage. Also, poor drainage can cause damage to moldy walls. Therefore, instruct your inspector to take more precautions to identify any water damage found beneath the surface. Additionally, check your spouts and gutters to make sure they function properly.


Pay attention to the house’s foundation to make sure it is stable. Although a site-built home can look quite similar to a mobile home, there can be significant differences. Unlike a permanent foundation of a site-built home, the foundation for mobile homes is somewhat less stable; most of them are built on a steel chassis. Inspect the home stability to ensure it can withstand damage during storms and strong winds. The best house is the one that is anchored down well to the ground. Remember to check the roof and the quality of the floor as well.

Inspect HVAC system

An HVAC system is necessary for every home. A trusted mobile home inspector will pay attention to the home’s heating, air conditioning system, and ventilation during the time of inspection. This will be critical because it will guarantee functionality. After the inspection, he should be able to predict how long your home air unit should last. Simply, this could also be verified by checking the serial number. Most of these systems will last 13 to 17 years before requiring replacement. To ensure correct information, choose an expert and not a standard home inspector.

Electricity systems

The electricity system is an essential thing to look out for. Your inspector should watch out for something called knob & tube wiring or K&T. The system is normally ungrounded, hence it can lead to potential electric shock. The home inspector will recommend that the K&T gets replaced. More than that, it’s advisable to be aware of the circuit breakers and Federal Pacific Electrical panel.

There are various companies that provide mobile home inspection services. Some of them include:

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